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Engineering reliable and efficient Ice & Dirt boards.
Seeking the limits of the doable. Seems over-engineered? Hell yea!
Karl; rider and engineer.

It all started in Minneapolis, MN, USA a while ago. Summers are short and the Winters are arctic.

My friends and I are passionate Windsurfers and Kiters. In Summer we spend our time at the lakes waiting for the forecast to keep its promise. Many time he doesn't and we go paddling or do something else.

In Winter, we use our Kites with Ski's and Snowboards.

Summarizing, neither in Winter nor in Summer enough wind. And when there is wind, we either work or travel. Its always difficult to keep up with nature.

We urgently needed  a solution that lets us have fun when there is no wind. 

The solution: Off-road All terrain Powerful Carving Machine for Dirt and Ice.

Condition was it had to be fun!

This Board can be used on ICE and SNOW and also in Summer on whatever you chose :-)

Tough built to go everywhere. This is the real off-road!

Many say the board is overengineered …. and Hell Yea, confirmed! Have a look yourself.

And so here we are; ELBO Boarding. The fastest, longest lasting, high torque and long reach offroad power Dirtboards.



Ice- and Dirtboard rider and engineer.






Test rider and ambassador.