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Kids Burley connector:

Connects the ICE Motor Mounts to any traditional Kids Trailer.

Pull & push forces are optimally distributed to both brackets.

85.- US / no shipping included.

Massive Motor Mount with Brackets:

This is a massively built 80MM motor mount with strong brackets out of 6075 Aluminum.

Comes with:

- 2x Axe motor mounts.

- 2x Connecting brackets.

- 8x Bracket screws SS.

- 4x Axe set screws SS.

This fits the Burley Trailer mount.

Available for different axes. Just shot us an mail.

220.- US / no shipping included.

Studded Tires:

The large studs are for Snow and Ice.

They include two different sorts of studs!

These tires will deal with occasional short contact with pavement/concrete. However, try to avoid as much you can. Wear is hard on concrete.

Specs: 9 inch Offroad tires.



4x studded 9 inch tires.

4x inner tubes.

300.- US / no shipping included.