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The Carving



ice Snow dirt

We make this boards one at the time and each one is done with precision and long lasting quality in mind. 

They are all thoroughly tested before sent to you.

Delivery time approx. 1 to 3 months depending on order status and manpower available.

We like to custom your boards - just talk to us. 

We make 3 models. All come with chain drives and have lots of torque, power and the best batteries available.

They meant to be carved off-road !


CARVSTER ICE: 2WD but with larger powerful motors. Great on Ice. Built for 9 inch tires.

CARVSTER ICE 4WD, goes everywhere! However, slightly overpowered :-) Built for 9 inch tires.

DREKSTER: These boards are weight optimized as on Dirt and Gras carving you want something light that can be maneuvered and jumped easily.

2WD built for 8 inch tires.