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The Carving



ice Snow dirt

We make this boards one at the time and each one is thoroughly tested before sent to you.

Delivery time approx. 1 to 3 months depending on order status and manpower available.

We like to custom your boards - just talk to us. 

However, we basically make 3 models. All come with chain drives and have lots of torque, power and the best batteries available.

They meant to be carved off-road !


CARVSTER ICE: 2WD but with larger powerful motors. Great on Ice.

& ICE 4WD, goes everywhere! However, slightly overpowered :-)

CARSTER DREK: These boards are weight optimized as on Dirt and Gras carving you want something light that can be maneuvered easily. 2WD.

CARVSTER ARBEIT: This board is optimized for commuting and price. Use it to go shopping, working and any commuting. However, you will be hopping over those pot holes with our off-road style.